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The New Parable of a Party on the Beach

As Jesus was sitting around with his first followers, several local Pastors and Elders came by to have a chat with him about how he was going about ministry; they were not very happy with the way he handled himself. As they approached, Jesus smiled and welcomed them to join the conversation. The oldest Pastor in the group looked at Jesus and asked, “You know, we all follow the law; we all live a life that is an example to others. We keep the feast days, we hold Sunday as a day of rest, we gather together daily for prayer with each other, and we fast to celebrate, but you don’t. You seem to be spending most of your time partying and hanging out with those people. Which makes you a pretty poor example of how to live a faithful life. Why?”

Jesus looked at them and said, “Wow, kind of harsh don’t you think? Think of it this way, if you’re at a party on the beach, roaring bonfire, crabs in the pot and fish on the grill, wine in your glass, would you toss water on the bonfire just when the party is getting good? Or course not, by doing so you would ruin the party. So, you simply party all night long and enjoy your time with your friends. Now, if you desire, after the party is over you can fast, relax and enjoy the memories of a great party. If you think about it, the party is the Divine in you, around you and in others. It is, if you will, an expression of how the Divine desires us to live.

Would you rather have a boring dinner party in some musty old house? What your wanting to do is put an end to an amazing party, but anyone who has ever truly partied with their friends – I mean a real life changing party filled with laughing, drinking, eating, sharing, singing, can tell you that a party on the beach is far more exciting than a boring dinner party in a house. What you seem to want is that I live your life, with the rules you created, but I live the life the Divine has set for me – one of love, grace, laughing, sharing, drinking, eating, singing, and a great bonfire on the beach with friends, those I love. You should do the same.”


– Luke 5:23-39

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