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A Conversation In Church On Tech

One day, two members of a local church were talking about all the new technology that seems to be invading their lives and disrupting their family. As they were sitting around the table in the Church Social Hall, one of the Members said, “At some level, my life is easier, but it all seems so impersonal to me, it seems to lack human contact and takes away from an honest hard day’s work. Besides, I am not sure it is all that good for the family – the kids are just addicted to this stuff, and they are getting lazy.”

The Second Member, shaking his head in agreement, added, “I would agree that it does seem impersonal to some degree and it can be disruptive to the family, my children love it and they seem to understand it all. Me, I’m lost with the all the wires, and ‘thingies.’ I guess I just don’t get it; I’m lost with all this technology, and your right it is making this generation lazy. It seems like I have to learn everything all over again, and that’s scary.”

The First Member, taking a sip of coffee, added, “My kids also love it all, all they do is sit at the desk in the family room and they can visit places they have never been before and talk with people they don’t even know, but it does seem so impersonal and it just seems to take the ‘human’ out of it all. I had a discussion with my son the other day about putting it away and just doing things the way we did when we were kids”

“I agree,” the First Member replied, “But maybe it’s not for us to understand. My kids keep calling me an ‘old fuddy-duddy’ because I have no interest in all this new stuff. They keep telling me ‘If I just got with the times’ my life would be easier. But, to be honest with you, I think maybe, just maybe, it’s all a fad and will have no impact on our lives in the future. Maybe, our kids will see the value of a good face to face conversation and hard work, so they can leave all this technology behind, and get back to a simpler time.”

To which the Second Member added, “Oh, I do hope so. All this talk about the telephone, the vacuum cleaner, and now this thing that can make toasted bread in seconds, is driving me crazy – such an impersonal way of living life, they have to be tools of Satan. Besides, whatever happens to a good old letter, or taking a rug out on the line for a good beating?”

What we need to remember is that each generation sees the world in very different ways. What you see as disrupting your life, others see as bring new and exciting way of improving the human condition.

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    I still agree with more interaction in person. But I do see the benefits of using the technology we have to spread the gospel, also. Thanks for this something to think about. 🙂

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