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Whispering and Shouting

“If you are listening, truly listening, you will hear the living Voice of the Divine when it whispers past your ear even during the storms of life. Even standing in the confusion of the world, you will hear even the softest whisper of the Voice as if the Divine was standing next to you. When you hear the Voice of the Divine, many will come along side you seeking love in their lives. Others will not hear the Voice, even when the Voice is shouting for them to hear. Those who listen will live out what the Voice is sharing, while those who are ignoring, even the shouts, will find reasons to justify their lack of following – they will put their needs before the needs of others. To those who listen and live by the words of the Voice, the Divine will say ‘Stand here.’ To those who ignore the Voice, the Voice will say, ‘Stand over there.’

The Divine will say to those who heard, who listened, the Voice, ‘Come closer to me, you heard my Voice, you lived by my words, you shared my love and grace with others. When I was in need of compassion, you showed me compassion; when I was in need of food, you fed me; when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink; when I was lonely, you stood with me and kept me company; when I needed to be welcomed, you welcomed me with open arms.’

Those who heard and listened to the Voice will say, ‘Wait a second; you’re the Divine, when were you ever in need of compassion; when were you in need of food; when where you thirsty; when were you lonely; when did you need to be welcomed?” At that moment, the Divine will smile and tell them, ‘Everyone is a child of the Divine, everyone, when you showed compassion, cared for the basic needs of another, embraced the lonely and welcomed those society has pushed aside, you did it to me.’

Those who ignored the shouts of my Voice by doing nothing, or worse, found ways to not do what I asked of them, will always be outside the range of my Voice, no matter how loud I shout – I will keep calling, but they will not hear me and do as I asked. You see, those who hear my whispers are putting love, grace and forgiveness into their life, into their spirit, by living the love and compassion I desire for all that brings they are closer to me – closer to my way of thinking – closer to my desires for all humanity. When you turn your back on others, anyone – for any reason – when you are unable to see their needs, or you find ways out of actually doing what I ask, you are moving away from me.’

The text of the passage appears in Matthew’s recording of the life and ministry of Jesus in the Collective Narrative (Matthew 25:31–46) Based on “the Sheep and Goats”

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