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Connecting to the Divine

“One day, Jesus was off to the side praying, when he finished praying, one of his first followers came to him and asked, “Can you teach us to connect with the Divine?”

Jesus looked at him and replied, “Sure. The first thing you need to do is realize that the Divine truly desires you to connect. You will need to find a place where you can be one-on-one with the Divine. A place where interruptions are few, if any and you are not the center of attention. Next, you need to open your life, your soul, your heart, your inner self, and your mind to the Divine. Open with a greeting, open with a heart towards the wonders and greatness of the Divine. Express your desires to be involved in all the Divine desires to do in this world, with the people around you. Express your desire to be forgiven for the harm you have done others and open your life to the wonders of forgiveness and express your desire to forgive the harm others have done to you. Think of it this way, you will constantly be in a position where you can do harm to others, as the Divine to help you do the right thing and to stand with you when you do. Remember that the Divine is always, always, willing to be with you and help in your journey.

Think of it this way, one night you’re sitting at home, getting ready to head to bed. You lock all the doors, the windows, and turn on the alarm system. Just as you start to fall asleep, you hear banging on your door. You look out the peep-hole and notice it is one of your best friends. As your peeping out the hole, your friend cries out ‘Hey Bro, I need a few bucks for milk, we ran out of milk and I need some for the baby.’ After hearing this do you say, “I was just falling asleep, the house is locked-up and the alarm is set. I just can’t give you any money.’ If you care, you will disarm the system and open the door and share with your friend what they need. So it is with the Divine, you ask the Divine and the way will be made for you.

While the Divine is there to open the door to let you in, you still have to knock. If you need something, the Divine is not going to gift wrap it and place it in your lap, you need to keep looking for what it is you desire. Think of it this way, the Divine wants only the best for you. If you had a child, would you not desire that they have it better than you?”


— based on Luke 11:1-15 “The Lord’s Prayer”


John O’Keefe is the author of The Naked Jesus; A Journey Out of Christianity and Into Christ (and three other books). You can download a FREE partial copy of The Naked Jesus [HERE]

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