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There Is No Neutrality

As a follower of the Naked Jesus, there is no neutrality; no matter how you word it, neutrality is simply a form of indifference. As followers of the Naked Jesus, we are called to make a difference. We are called to love others, lift others, care for others, embrace others, and when we don’t we take the side of the abuser. Our silence, our indifference, is seen as approval to those who desire to harm others. In our silence we give permission for others to do harm to others, for profit, for greed, for power, for whatever reason they have. Our silence is seen as approval for others to control the lives of the powerless, the marginalized, the broken, and the abused.

But our voices, in unison, can bring about change; our voices can break the chains of indifference and we can move mountains – our voices can open the hearts of the hard hearted. In unison we can show that we care, we love, and we embrace. Neutrality demands that we remain silent, that our voices become muffled by the cries of those in pain; in turn we close out ears to the screams and the spirit of indifference grows within us. Neutrality demands that we do nothing, yet in doing nothing we are actually giving voice to the abuser. When we see violence, and say nothing, we are supporting the violence

  • When we see hunger, and do not feed, we are supporting starvation
  • When we see others pushed down, and we do not lift them up, we support the abuse
  • When we see and injustice, and do not speak out against it, we are the injustice
  • When we see inequalities, and we do not speak for equality, we are the inequalities
  • When we see a refuge, and we demand they leave, we become those they are running from
  • When we do nothing, we are in fact supporting those who seek to harm others

Many tell us that as followers of the Naked Jesus we are to be silent about “political issues” – but hunger, poverty, abuse, inequality, injustice, homelessness, and substandard living conditions are not “political issues” they are spiritual issues; issues that break the Divine spirit in those hurting and when that Divine spirit is broken, people see themselves as not worthy of the love of the Divine, or others. To remain silent on those issue that we see as abusing others because we fear being told we are political, negates our call to live by the teachings of the Naked Jesus.

To be pushed into the corner of neutrality because we fear those who will shame us, is just as wrong as allowing others to the cause harm. Over time, we have allowed others to hold our voices down, while their voices preach a message of submission, abuse, injustice, fear, and judgment; a message that runs counter to the teachings of the Naked Jesus.

While we are not to be neutral, we also must not echo a voice of pain, control, abuse, judgment and injustice. By taking a stance, being the avatar of the Naked Jesus, our voices must not a voice of negativity – we must see the wrongs around us, and we must speak in positive ways to express change. Let our voice, the voice of the Naked Jesus, be a voice of love, peace, understanding, acceptance, and kindness – but in those realities, we must not let our voices be silenced.

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