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Openly Carrying a Firearm

With all the stories concerning openly carrying a firearm in public (here, here and here for example), I have to cry, because I haven’t been a big supporter of such a flagrant showing of one’s dysfunctional penis. Let me add this, I have no issue with you owning a gun, or hunting, but openly carrying the gun in public places just to show some a cheap expression of macho, you lose me as a supporter.

Recently I had a conversation with a person who is a big supporter of the NRA and gun rights, which I find funny because I am pretty sure guns don’t have rights – did the Supreme Court makes guns people when I wasn’t looking? Anyway, during our conversation he explained to me that I needed to put my views into prospective. He strived to expand my prospective by telling me that people can use anything to kill another person, and to his amazement I agreed with him. In my agreeing I asked if he could share some examples of items we could use to kill another person. He shared to following:

You can kill someone with a hammer.

You can kill people with a knife.

You can kill someone with a car.

You can kill someone with a chair.

When he was done, I agreed with him, again, to his amazement. Yes, you can kill someone with a hammer, a knife, a car and a chair (though I will admit that the chair thing was weird, I have not heard of any “mass chair killings” in the news – but it was his list). He added, if we can kill people with all those, we should have laws that limit the sales and uses of those items because there might be a chance that someone could use one of those to kill another – on that, him still being amazed, I didn’t agree. Let me share why.

Sharing a list of things a person might use to kill another does not negate one simple reality: the primary function of those items is not to kill another. The primary function of a hammer is to hammer nails into wood, to build things; the primary function of a knife is to cut things, like food; the primary function of a car is to transport people and things from one place to another, transportation; the primary function of a chair (still think that one is weird) is for sitting, or sleeping – depending on how comfortable the chair is and how much sleep you got last night. None of the items my friend mentioned had a primary function, and only function, of kill another. The primary and only function of a gun is to kill – kill animals, kill people, it does not matter – the only reason the gun was invented was to bring the power of death to the one carrying the gun against another. Ever since its conception and invention, the only purpose of the gun has been to kill something, there is no other reason for a gun.

If I am walking down the road and see a person carrying a hammer, I think that person is a builder of some kind and they are going to build something. If I see a person walking down the street with a knife on their belt, I think it’s a tool they use in their job. If I see a person driving a car, I think they are heading someplace to visit other people. If I see a person carrying a chair down the street I think they are moving or they are very lazy and need to sit while waiting for the light to change. But, if I see someone walking down the street with a gun all I think is they want to kill something and it does not matter if it is their intent at that moment in time, they must know that the weapon they carry can kill another if they desired. Now, I get the whole “protection” argument, but even in that, even in the idea of protecting themselves, there is the reality that the only function for a gun is to take someone’s life – a gun has no other function. So, when I hear the “protect myself” argument, I still think in terms of that person’s willingness to take another life.

I know responsible gun owners who would never walk into a crowed restaurant with an AK-47 or AR-15 strapped over their shoulders as if they are some kind of defender of the constitution, and to you I say speak-up. Tell those whack-nuts that they are not the voice of responsibility.


  1. Posted 2014/06/02 at 12:33 am | #

    Excellent, excellent blog. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. T garden
    Posted 2014/06/02 at 4:54 am | #

    The only future for a public gun toter is prison or death. You cannot kill another without suffering consequences yourself. Your real enemy lives between your ears and your heart.

  3. Posted 2014/06/02 at 10:52 am | #

    Excellent! I have often wondered the same.

    Whenever I hear about the rights of gun owners, I have two thoughts:
    1) What about my rights to not be terrorized in public–my right, as enshrined as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?
    2) What about our want of a better world than the Wild West? This appears to be the only place in which the reasonable desires of the people were suddenly made alien to the conversation.

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