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Dancing With Demons

If you want to see the Christian blogosphere go crazy, have a 20 year old girl dance in MTV. Now, I want you to know that I have no desire to get into the issues of whether this was right of wrong, to be honest with you, she is 20 years old and we all did, and do, stupid things when we were, are, 20. But, you do a dance, and you are guaranteed to see the sphere light up like a Christmas tree in December, but if you want to see it go dark, watch a 47 year old man open his heart on TV about his battles with his inner demons.

This week we had the opportunity to show what we were made of, and to be honest I was not impressed with the results. I have no desire to give any of the responses centering on Miley a plug, all you need to do is search Google for Miley Cyrus VMA “Christian response” and find hundreds of people bemoaning this “Godless” dance and how it will destroy your children. Do the same for Mike Tyson, and you get zip. Why?

It is easier for Christians to judge, than to help. If we, as followers of Christ, do not see this we are lost in our own propaganda, and we are ignoring the voices of those on the outside. You can deny that we do this, find judging easier than helping, but I can assure you that it is a reality, just ask anyone outside your church and they will share with you that Christians always do this – always. You want an absolute truth to hang your hat on, just ask anyone if Christians judge more than they help – they will be glad to share with you the hook.

We are more concerned about sex; we forget to help the hurting. The other day I saw a man dealing with inner demons, inner pains of life. A man who describes his world as dark, fearful and out of control; a man who screamed for help – screamed for grace – screamed for love – screamed for us to get up and support him. Yet, we would rather complain how Miley’s dance was just not right and did not show Christian values. We strive to force others into our perceived values of morality, that we ignore those who are hurting – because after all, they are not having sex. To put this in Evangelical terms, we hate the sin and ignore the hurting.

We would rather sit in the cheap seats, and not get to close to the action. Yes, pointing fingers at Miley is easy – all you have to do is link the video to your Facebook page, or Google+ page and put in a short little thing that say something like “I think this is wrong.” You will get like, after like, after like – and more comments you can read at any point in time – but mention the need for the church to step-up to the plate and help the hurting, you get very little response. Sitting in the cheap seats is easy, but getting into the game is hard – it requires hard work and a willingness to get dirty and sweaty. Taking your clean hands (as if any of us can claim clean hands), and pointing has no value, all it shows is judgment.

While most posted on the antics of a 20 year old girl dancing on TV, we lost sight of a man sharing his inner demons with us – we were appalled at her dance, we missed the dance of a man seeking grace, forgiveness and help. We cried “foul” as she moved the way she did, but ignored his battle – Mike Tyson, you are my new hero – you don’t know me from Adam, but if you need, i am but a call away bro. Keep moving forward, and i am proud that today is 12 days sober for you brother.

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