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good friday?

It’s Good Friday, so what will we, as followers of Christ, be doing?  We will gather this evening for a local church service where we will hear a sermon based on the death of Jesus and what it means to us and the world.  Some will gather for all night prayers, where the church will be open all night and people will be able to come and go as they desire to pray as they need.   But mostly, we will be excited at the visitor to our service for an increase in offering, a bump in our average attendance and the hope that some will return after Easter Sunday.

So, let me ask a question?  What makes it Good Friday good?  Think about it for a few minutes.  It is good for us, sure; but good for Jesus?  Not so much.  It just seems to be a day when we focus (as we always do) on what Jesus did for us.  But what do you think about switching it up a bit and start to think about it in other terms.   Not in terms of what Jesus did for us, but in the terms of what we should be doing for Jesus.

What if, we spent all day working with the poor?

What if, we spent all day visiting different nursing homes in our community?

What if, we decided that Good Friday was a day we would work all day in a homeless shelter?

What if, we decided that today was a day to feed the hungry?

What is, we decided that from this day forward, we would open our churches 24 hours a day?

What if, today we decided to make an honest and real friend from the GLBT community?

What if, today was the day we decided to put our faith into action?


If we did, then maybe, just maybe, Jesus would say, “You know, that was a Good Friday”


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