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Review of “Light for the Journey” by Christine Sine

I have never been big on preplanned bible studies or books of prayers.  You know, the ones that have all the scripture planned out over 365 days, where each day there is a different verse to read and some cute little story that is suppose to help you “tie it all together” and develop your faith.  I always feel like I am being forced to think some certain way, or follow some author’s agenda.  Because of that, I shy away from prepackaged studies – well, that is until I read Christine Sine’s In Light for the Journey: Morning and Evening Prayers for Living Into God’s World.

This book is absolutely amazing.  Granted, Light for the Journey is not a “bible study” – let me share what Christine says, “In Light for the Journey: Morning and Evening Prayers for Living Into God’s World, you are invited to journey together with sisters and brothers from around the world into a rhythm of morning and evening prayer. This rhythm is intended to help us connect our daily prayers to the values of God’s resurrection world in a way that strengthens our foundational beliefs and equips us to become part of God’s mustard seed conspiracy, making a kingdom difference in God’s world.”

For me, the idea that we are in this journey together – experiencing our faith in community – is exciting.  This is the first book I have read in a long time where I felt I was connected to something more than just “the church on the corner.”  I can relate to the idea that when I was done studying the bible, and I closed the bible, God stayed stuck in the pages of a close book; locked in until I decided to open it again and read.  I remember once hearing a pastor say that he liked seeing a bible that was stuffed with church bulletins because it showed someone who was interested in God’s word – but all I could think about is that that bible was not being read – it was being used as a makeshift carry all – filled with papers people did not want to throw away and cluttered with church bulletins that really shared no information.  The idea that the bible should be open, and never closed, tells me more about who God is in my life – and I believe Christine brings this to life for me in Light for the Journey.

I am big on a community of faith knowing how to Dance, and with that feeling the rhythms of the community and Christine brings that to life; “Tragically this lack of spiritual rhythm comes at a high cost. Anxiety, depression, and suicide are skyrocketing, and grow­ing evidence suggests stress and pressure of overbooked schedules are major contributors. Even physical illnesses like high blood pressure and the common cold are impacted by our spiritual well being.” {13}

I have found a new way to start my mornings, and I am looking forward to starting my Fridays with, reflects on the Cross and the wholeness achieved through repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.” {20}

This is an amazing resource and one I am glad I added to my life [notice I did not say “added to my library” – because that would simply make it another closed book]

You can get a copy from the Mustard Seed Association at: http://msainfo.org/promo/available-now-new-prayer-book-by-christine-sine-light-for-the-journey

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