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Seeking The Perfect Preacher

In my search for a community of faith to serve I have come to the following conclusion of what a church is looking for in a pastor:

First and foremost, they are looking for the only godly man God has for them who spends all his time in prayer, while they leave it up to the congregation to vote in the man they like.  A man will be the spiritual guide to the congregation, while never challenging the congregation to reach past their comfort zone.  They desire a man who will stand before the congregation, condemning all sin, while offending no one in the church.  A man who is willing to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while maintaining a healthy family life and raising godly children.  They seek a man, who is able to preach while putting together the church bulletins and newsletter (without mistakes), plan the service, clean the floors and fix the air conditioning, while getting others involved in the ministry.  They need to be the kind of person who welcomes visitors to the church, while giving 100% of their attention to the members.   They are the kind of man who will bring vision to the church and move them in the right direction, while never going against the direction of the Elders or the congregation.  A man who can preach an expository, relevant, topical sermon in single series, while keeping it relevant and current.    They seek the kind of man who can use PowerPoint, videos and computers, while condemning the use of technology.  A man who can keep a real smile on his face, while maintaining a straight face.  A man who realizes he is “doing this for God” and should never ask for a raise, while giving over 15% of his $300 a week income to the church.  The kind of man who will take time off to be with his family, while always being available to members of the church whenever they have a need.  A man who will spend all week in the office praying, studying, and writing a sermon that will not go over 20 minutes, while visiting all the shut-ins, calling all the members and evangelizing the unchurched in the area.  They seek a man who will keep predetermined, defined office hours, while being out and involved in the community.  A man who is culturally connected with the lost, while never connecting to the culture or hang out with nonbelievers.  A man who has a strong desire to work with teens, the married, the unmarried and be involved in their lives while spending all his time with the elderly in the congregation.  They seek a man who will stand 100% behind the scriptures in all matters of the church, while standing 100% behind the by-laws and the constitution of the church.  They desire a man who was raised in the church by solid Christian parents, accepted Jesus at age 7, went to private Christian Schools and attended a Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christian College and lived a pure untainted life, while having a deep understanding of how those outside the church live.

Funny how very few churches ever truly find “the perfect pastor.”


  1. Posted 2010/08/29 at 6:40 am | #

    The dependency paradigm is having a very difficult time dying. It’s still the platform/pew; performance/passivity ailment that abounds.
    I officiate sports and have heard the ironic expectation of sports officials: “You need to start out perfect and then improve.” The same can be said for the “pastor-noun” in our culture.
    Perpetuation has two edges, however. The dependency is fortified by those who love the pew and passivity. It is equally sustained by those who love the platform and performance.
    We have lost the organic functioning of the Body where “one” exercises a particular gift, and “one” exercises another, etc. – for the building up of the Body.

  2. Posted 2010/09/25 at 11:37 am | #

    101 reasons to plant a church! Thanks, John, for a great list!

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