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Teens and Young Adults

Here is a picture of life that I think you will find interesting.

Due to a tremendous birth rate, teenagers and young adults today have become a “class on to their own.”  They are becoming more independent in the type of music they listen to, television they watch, clothes they wear, make-up they use and the friends they hang out with.  In general, we can this as the first indication, or act of teenage young adult rebellion, that has fall on our society.  When children were younger they would listened to the music of their parents, but when this new music came along teens and young adults swarmed to it like flies on honey.  Teens and young adults started to purchase their own music with their parent’s money and many parents were opposed to the music because of the harsh and demining lyrics.  Many parents see this music as corrupting their children and causing friction in the home.

Many parents feel that because of the music teens and young adults are becoming more rebellious, defensive and at times very disrespectful towards parents, church, authority, girls and even each other.  Teens and young adults, felling alienated by society and family form gangs.  Peer influence on teens and young adults is more important than the influence their parents have in their lives.  Teens and young adults are more apt to do what their friends are doing than what their parents are telling them.  Some parents place the blame of this rebellion on the music; others place the blame on other forms of media.  But this rebellion in teens and young adults is seen as even more than just coming from music.  Police roam the streets looking for theses gangs, but they know they have little power over their activities. New media attracts teenagers and young adults like a moth to a flame.  Today, media is not the only influence on teens and young adults, new clothing styles create trends that are costly and sometimes inappropriate.  Hair styles, make-up and language are just a few other issues parents deal on a daily basis.

Many parents are confused; this is not the developing years they remember.  They remember their developing years when they were expected to take life seriously and contribute to society.  But, with a booming economy families started to experienced a great deal of economic power, freedom and independence so they gave their teens and young adults everything they wanted.  For the first time, teens and young adults had economic power and they use it.  The results of teens and young adults with spending money means they can buy what they want. Like most things, this new found freedom and economic power causes tensions between parent and teen[1].

Wow, things are bad, right?  Well, that was if you lived in 1950.  All that information was collected based on issues facing parents in 1950’s.  In fact, the word “teenager” was coined in the 1950’s because of the population growth.  Before 1950, the idea of being a “teenager,” as we know it, did not even entire the minds of USAmerica.  So, before some get on teens and young adults – think of those in the 1950’s 🙂

[1] This story was developed from information received from the link, http://www.loti.com/fifties_history/Teenage_Life_in_the_1950s.htm

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