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Boneyard – Release date September 2010

What does it take to lead the church in the 21st century?  Will the same skills used during the Industrial Age and the Information Age work in the Conceptual Age?  What personality treats of a conceptual leader will invite the church to move past its current place, to be where God wants it to be?  With churches closing faster that we can plant them, is there hope of moving forward in the 21st century?

If you do a Google search on the term “boneyard,” or “bone yard,” you see that a boneyard is everything from a XM Radio Show, to a band, to a restaurant.  When I imagine a boneyard I picture a junk yard.  I picture a place filled with behemoth machines of the industrial age, lay rusting and rotting in the sun and rain.  Cars, trains, trucks and other machines falling apart in the open air protected only by a mean junk yard dog barking at those who walk past the gate.  Some of those behemoths are picked apart to replace broken parts in the industrial giants; while others are so far gone they are useless for almost everything except recycling, to create the next generation of industrial giants.  You may get a part here and there, but as the machines are picked apart the skeletons are destine for the meltdown.  A boneyard is a place where those so tied to the industrial age go to find replacement parts to keep their industrial machines running.

Look around, we live in a boneyard.  A land where the bones of dead churches skew the USAmerican landscape and obscure the views of the possibilities, blinding us to all the divine can do in our lives.  A land, punctuated by the site of old, dilapidated church buildings falling apart, to show only the bones of a once grand structure.  A land filled with empty shells where once great numbers of people filled the now empty pews.  Ray saw it, he felt it, but could not name it; though he did experience it.  Ray visited an industrial church heading for the bone yard; maybe not this year, but time is not on its side.

With the shift from the left brain dominance of the Industrial/Information Age to the right brain dominance in the Conceptual age “church leadership” needs to change.  Long gone are the days of “Jesus as CEO” or “Pastor as CEO.”  Long gone are the “Maxwellian” views of leadership and the left brain dominance of such teachings.

Boneyard invites you to explore the right brain reality of a conceptual age.  It will share with you some right brain personas (personality treats) to bring the church to life.

These treats are, Open, Dance, Create, Listen, Play and Story

Over the next few weeks I will share with you short parts of this book.  “Boneyard; creatives will change the way we lead in the church” will be available on Amazon.com in the middle of September  2010.

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