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Pat Robertson’s Gnostic Gospel

(Sorry for the crappy picture) I am not a 700 club watcher i think of it as watching a train wreck.  In fact I think over the past ten years I may have seen a total of 30 minutes of the show as I was flipping through the channels.  The other night I was watching “Over Haulin” (Foss magic is amazing).  When the show was over, I was going to head to bed – but since I had some writing to do and I love the noises of TV in the back ground as I type  – I flipped on channel down, and there was the 700 club with Pat Robertson in all his “look at me I am better than everyone” glory.  I was about to flip down again when Pat said something that caught my attention.  He mentioned that he had some secret knowledge to share in his new book “The Secret Kingdom” and I thought, ‘This could be fun.’  So I watched.

Pat mentioned that he had scoured scripture and uncovered 10 secret laws given by Jesus that could change your life forever.  He said that the laws are not his, but Jesus’ and for a contribution to the 700 club you could receive these secret laws.  Now, I am all for publishing books for sale – mine should come out in October 2010 (on leadership in the emerging church) – but I am not sure I am all about the idea of ‘secret laws’ – seems very Gnostic to me.  Here is the copy for the book from the 700 club site:

When applied, these laws will lead you to a successful, prosperous, and meaningful life – no matter what the world brings your way.

These guaranteed secrets of success will:

  • Show you how to build unity and achieve goals
  • Teach you the essential principles of leadership and personal growth
  • Train you to grow in personal perseverance and reap its rewards

Get The Secret Kingdom, Volume II, DVD and put the timeless, powerful laws of God’s eternal kingdom to work in your life. It’s our gift to you when you join The 700 Club.

Here are my questions for Pat: (I am a realist enough to know Pat will never answer them)

How can they be “guaranteed secrets?”

If these laws are so important, why charge for them?

How can you have ‘secret’ laws?

Who made you the keeper of these “secrets?”

Do you know what Gnostic teachings are?

If you uncovered a new “truth” should you share it with the Christian community – freely?

Anyone who claims to have a “secret” or “special” teaching from God is sharing a Gnostic truth.  Looks like Pat Robertson has just entered the Gnostic camp.


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