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Do we wait, or do we scream now?

There is little doubt that the BP oil disaster is the largest most dangerous man-made disaster to the environment we have ever seen.  The idea that hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil is spilling into the Gulf is mind blowing.  We can see the ecological devastation starting to take place; oil blobs landing on fragile wetlands, birds and other creations of God covered with oil, and not to mention the devastation to the unseen world of under the sea.  Our assumption is that oil floats on water so it can never fall to the bottom of the sea, but old blobs can fall to the bottom and devastate the undersea world.  Our desire to oil has caused this problem – but what do we do?  Do we wait to see what BP will do to clean this mess up, or do we scream and point fingers of blame now?

Me, I desire to wait and see what BP will do to solve the problem it has caused.  While BP is striving to stop the flood of oil, and yes I think it can do more, I believe we need to watch and see how BP reacts to the mess.  Will it clean-up the oil it spilled all over the gulf?  Once it plugs the well, will it sit back and let the tax payer’s pick-up the clean-up price tag?  I am certain that clean-up will be long and costly and that BP will be judged in the public eye for what it does next.  But as we get closer to ending the disaster, we truly need to wait and see what calmer voices have to say.  No, we should not trust the industrial complex, but we should watch and see.

If we start screaming and pointing fingers all we will get is a bunch of loud voices shouting at each other, and not thing will ever get done – because each side will be pointing at the other.  God creation is valued, and for all people.  But by forcing a voice all we do is close out the possibilities and exchange insults for conversation.  So, for me, I will wait, watch and voice in a way that supports the clean-up and see how BP reacts to the mess.

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