If Jesus Died Today

Ever wonder what it meant to die on a cross?  No, I am not talking about dying for our sins; I am talking about the social cost of dying on a cross.  This about that, death on a cross was saved for the criminal – it carried with it such shame, such stigma that to even think about dying on a cross kept people in line.  Culturally we have only one equal – the lethal injection table.

Think about that for a second, our lord was put to death on the lethal injection table of his day.  How hard would it be for us today to follow a man who claimed to be one with God who was killed on the lethal injection table?  What would you say to others knowing the person you decided to follow was executed on the lethal injection table?

I am certain that many who read this have a shutter running their spines.  I know for me it did.  When I first thought of this connection, I tried hard to find a reason not to think about it.  But I was drawn to the idea, and did a search on lethal injection tables – and to my wonder (not horror) I noticed the similarities.  While I will admit I am still processing this, still trying to find words to express when I feel in my heart and know in my head – and over time those words will come – I am seeking to understand.  I see it, I feel it, I know it and u have a hard time at this point expressing it.

Someone said, if Jesus died today we would be wearing electric chairs instead of crosses.  That had zero effect on me and my walk – but this, the idea of lethal injection, speaks volumes.  It could be because when one is put to death on the lethal injection table they lie with their arms outstretched as Jesus did on the cross.

3 thoughts on “If Jesus Died Today

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  2. You’re almost blowing my mind with this post. The tattoo is definitely one way of reminding yourself to talk with God every day. Nice one.

  3. jesus would have been living in a revived roman empire which features modern technology and skyscrapers to replace roman archetiure . roman soldiers are fbi or cia agents or wearing modern military camfluogue or police uniforms.

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