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A Lose of Trust

I was reading about the blog post on CBSNews.com dealing with the rumor that President Obama had a short list for the Supreme Court posted by Ben Domenech.  The post mentioned that one of the people might possibly be U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan.  The post mentioned that she was a lesbian.  The Obama Administration was very upset with the post, because they do not have a short list and they are working on other names.  So, the Obama Administration demanded that CBS News remove the post.  Now, before I get into what I am feeling I need to express let me say straight-up – I do not care what the politics of the author of the blog is, I do not care about the sexuality of any possible nominee, and I do not care if the Obama Administration has a short list or not – what I am rather concerned with is that the Government asked a News Organization to remove a story, and they did.  This action, on both parts, goes to the center of trust.

I am uncomfortable with any government official demanding that a news story be removed from the public eye because they do not like the story.  As I said before, I do not care about the politics of the author but they seem to be different than those of the administration – and for the government to flex its power, and for a News Organization cave in, destroying a trust that should be fundamental in our society.

My stomach turns with the idea that the press will give into any outside pressure to stop a story the government does not like.  This event sent me a very strong message, one that says “do as we say, or else.”  Is this what I voted for when I voted for Obama?   I was hoping for a different view of Government, a new beginning based on trust and openness.  Any time a government does not like something; does it have the right to demand it be pulled?  This power is not one the government should have.

I have lost all trust in CBS News.  I know, big deal – I am just one little blogger.  CBS is a juggernaut and I am but a little guy – but enough little guys see the harm in this maybe CBS News and other News Organizations will understand the there is a social trust between them and the culture.  But this lack of trust runs deep with our industrial based organizations –

We distrust oil companies because of their massive profit while the average person finds it hard to fill their tanks – and the government does nothing about.

We lost trust in our banking and financial institutions because of their greed which lead to a crash in the housing market that are affecting so many.  The banks don’t care, and the government does nothing about it.

We have lost trust in our religious institutions and clergy because of actions they take to protect those who have harmed children – and the government does nothing about it.

Our heroes have fallen, and I had great hope in Obama to bring back that trust – but, alias, that is not going to happen.  It seems like the Obama Administration is no different than any other past Administration.

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